2 EP

by one4six2

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The 4th and final EP by one4six2


released June 14, 2016

All lyrics and music composed and performed by one4six2. Radio sound and applause on 'Stampy' provided by freesound.org. Recorded and produced by Dan Wallbank, at his new house 21/05/2016 - 22/05/2016. Cover photo by one4six2/ Kris Kros, edited and made beautiful by Jinnwoo.

Thanks and U's: Lynne, Martin & Tony for allowing me to use their basement for the cover shoot. / Ma bestard Kris Kros for the education and endless support / Jinnwoo for his magic on the cover as always / Pig for her unquestionable love, tolerance and inspiration. / Ma Everly Brother for being fan numero 1 and enjoying the music.
BIGGEST THANK YOU of all goes to Mr Wallbank for: selling me an RC20 five years ago, which started this. For recording and producing and pulling out his teeth over four EP's. For his patience and know how but most importantly for just being an all round top bloke. A million thank you's will never be enough, Dan.

Thank you for listening.



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one4six2 Leicester, UK

one4six2 is a cartoonist and musician from Leicester, UK. A one man band of the modern age, he uses an RC-30 to process his guitar, a drum machine and his vocals; all to create looptastic soundscapes for your lugholes. In his live shows he is supported by his cartoon band: Bruce Moose on bass, Dirk Duck on rhythm, and Cyril Squirrel on drums. ... more

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Track Name: Gold [runrabbitrun]
Well I’ve angered the gods
With my wicked way
And I can’t repay
Well I so hell bent
On looking heaven sent
You know you’ll never get no sense out of me.
All he wants is my money
And you shouldn’t look
At the look he took
Why don’t you put it on the shelf
And let shit right itself
You know my mind is running out energy

A life on a loop
Is better than none
Oh just give the hoop
And I’ll jump on
I don’t need no proof
That you are the one
We could be living like this every day
And all the while
You smile a smile
But you don’t show no teeth
She hiding what’s beneath
You know you got to eat
Why don’t you sink your teeth into me?

I never get your gold.
Track Name: Mommaberd [eatinginsects]
They said his head was filled with rocks
But they’re just following a line
I mark my forehead with a cross
So they can dig peace of mind

They hung a halo round my neck
And wrapped my legs around the tree
They said it’s all just to impress
Your superiority

Let’s take a second glance and what we just saw
Another second chance is all we ask for
She said just give me love forget your loyalty
We pout you on a thrown and now you’re royalty
‘You were it for me’ she cries from the bass of her soul
Just rip me out and swallow me whole
She take my hand and force me to fold
This war of words it taking its toll on me

We learnt a lesson today
About the good and the bad
And how that all they were due
Was what they already had
You know your heart is worth its weight in gold
But you can’t believe everything you’re told

Just let the sun run become another star
You’re takin names like they’re pennies from a jar
You can have a piece or an equal share
You can have it all but only if you dare
I’ll lay it out for you all the treasure you seek
What good is secrecy if we never speak?

We are not the enemy
Fighting in the name of a deity
We are not the setting sun
Turning out a light on what’s just begun
We are not the saboteur
Making our mistakes with the amateur
We are just the desperate hive
Worried bout the legacy we leave alive.
Track Name: Stampy [sapling]
I dream in green then roll up in my head
You curl p next to me in his bead
What was the very last thing that I said to you?
The crest of a wave that builds up but won’t drop
We pray this love will not die will not stop
Just one more left then the rest get the chop

What’s there to talk about?
I see no reason why she won’t.
To scared of coming down
Afraid of living like a ghost.
A noise responded to the call
We are we are the ones who fall
And black and blue to you we crawl always

Make a note case you forget
You ain’t seen nothing yet
My stampede is coming home to you
Guaranteed a sight to see
Be sure to bring the family
My stampede is coming home to you.
Track Name: TheseDays [ceptyou]
You think it’s funny but you know it’s true
These days I don’t like anyone
We’re far from done here we’ve got work to do
These days I find that I go oh so slow

We take the time to let em work it out
She fakes the crime that they all talk about
He makes his mind but will not make it out alive
I go
Where you
Take me.
Oh ho
Oh so